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About Alkhaimah

Al-Khaimah Factory is the first Iraqi factory to produce PPR pipes and accessories used in application of pressurized cold and hot water installations, with German technology, the factory established in 2019 located in Al-Muthanna Governorate / Al-Samawah City, our factory is considered the leading in this field in Iraq.


Al-Khaimah is a versatile, and comprehensive system for delivery of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery, we believe the quality of products and the support services provided at Al-Khaimah are our main advantages. This is translated in a very wide range of products that are produced with state-of-the-art machinery from the most reputed sources, and a very high-tech quality control system which ensures that this quality is always maintained in addition to well trained and highly motivated staff on all levels of the company that are always committed to premium service at any time.

Our vision is to be the number one manufacturer in Iraq and to provide the highest quality products to our local customers at any time, 24 days a week and all seasons, which leads to rise the national industry of our country

Chemical Properties 


Anti – corrosive and high chemical resistance properties ensuring durability avoiding rapid breakage and expensive maintenance


 At the highest level of Al-Khaimah priorities is maintaining the quality of water that reaches your family, PP-R as a material, is inert by nature and does not, in any way, react or affect potable water, as compared with other materials used in conventional piping systems that can corrode, react chemically, or seep certain contaminants into the water system, affecting the health and safety of the potable water. This ensures continuous hygienic potable water for you and your family


PP-R used in all Al-Khaimah piping systems, has high corrosion resistance properties in addition to impressive resistance to the

common chemicals used in virtually all household detergents and disinfectants. This advantage for surpasses traditional piping systems, thus ensuring a longer working life, less prone to premature failures and expensive maintenance.

Mechanical & Thermal Properties

In accordance with its areas of application, Al-Khaimah piping systems is designed for continuous temperatures of 0°C to 900 C, and short-term peak temperatures of up to 100° C and a service life of a minimum of 50 years. Therefore, Al-Khaimah piping system is suitable for all types of chilled and heating water networks



Al-Khaimah pipes integrated with aluminum layer are developed for exposed hot & cold water installations. Al-Khaimah composite pipes are convenient and reliable due to its superior characteristics in low linear expansion rate (nearly identical to metallic pipes) and higher flow rates with same external diameter and lower wall thickness. For exposed and open air installations under direct sunlight or UV radiation, Al-Khaimah remains physically stable through a specially developed external black layer (UV resistant), in adherence with the aluminum layer


Customer service:

We support our customers through factors such as reasonable price in return for high quality, providing technical support in planning, establishment, training, problems facing plumbers and retail owners. Listen to our sales partners' complaints and solve problems. We work together with our customers as one family, so we interact with them to build long-term relationships, as we are rooted in this land. We aspire to communicate permanently with social networks

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